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August 23 2016

Ich rate Dir, das genauer und aus mehreren Quellen durchzulesen, und Dir mal ohne die vom ÖGB lancierten, tendentiöse Perspektive Deine eigenen Gedanken zu machen.

Weil dann kommst Du naemlich nur zu einem Schluss: Die Pfeiffers haben sich mit Zielpunkt einen Wanderpokal eingetreten, versucht was in ihren Moeglichkeiten lag, und dabei ein dickes Minus eingestrichen. 

Das sie einzelne Immobilien die Zielpunkt gemietet hat, gekauft und dann weitervermietet haben, ist nichts Ungewoehnliches und schon gar nichts Unmoralisches, und aenderte fuer Zielpunkt *garnichts*.

Und wer mal beim Zielpunkt vorher und zu Pfeiffers Zeit einkaufen war, weiss, wie sehr die sich bemueht haben diesen Pleiteschuppen in dritter Generation (Konsum...) wieder aufzurichten.

Im Uebrigen ist Einzelhandel einfach eine sch... Branche. Es gibt einige wenige die versuchen, einzelne Sachen richtig zu machen. Dazu zaehlen meines Erachtens Hofer, DM, Spar und Pfeiffer. Denen ist gemein dass sie mit ihren Mitarbeitern gut umgehen (Bezahlung, Weiterbildung, keine Hire&Fire Politik) und versuchen, ihre Kundschaft nicht komplett zu bescheissen und adaequate Qualitaet fuer den Preis bieten.

Ich bin sehr, sehr froh dass es eine oesterreichische Firma gibt, die sich bemueht, online shopping richtig zu machen, und nach allem was ich ueber die gelesen, und die Erfahrungen die ich mit ihnen habe, kann ich sie guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
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August 18 2016

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August 17 2016


Die billige, sehr wirksame und hochgefährliche Droge verbreitet sich derzeit in Florida. Hergestellt wird sie hauptsächlich in China. Ihre chemische Zusammensetzung gleicht jener von Badesalz.

— Qualitätsjournalismus a la

August 14 2016

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July 21 2016

The issue seems to be that the product ASIN on is hijacked by a third party on The set is available for considerably less if you search for the name.

July 20 2016

The ad is originally in german, and the price here is below 200EUR ;)

July 11 2016

There are studies that show that you can not set off sitting for 8-10 hours with a run in the evening. It's better than not doing it, yes, but having the option of getting some exercise while still being able to work is valuable. Not to mention some people would seriously damage their joints with running.

Go for the run if you enjoy it. I prefer to put my outside time into my garden.

(Also, don't be a fitness snob Benko, you're better than that!)
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July 09 2016

Oh, one other thing: the 1600-2000EUR product is

a) including shipping, at least on amazon - which is around 100-150EUR, because it's a bulky beast

b) with the desk. The desk itself is of superior quality, absolutely sturdy, doesn't shake, height adjustable, ergonomic, not connected to the belt frame etc, and in my opinion totally worth the markup. But if you're struggling with the price, there is a -DT 3 version of it, which can be had for ~1000-1200EUR, which is just the belt without the desk. Look around, if you're good with tools, you may opt to built a wall-extension desk for it yourself. Much hackier, more work, possibly less ergonomic, but still a workable solution. Don't go for the 800 model though, it's lifespans own cheap knockoff of their own product.
Still shows the higher price for me :/ ... but it's absolutely worth it, although when I bought it, it was 1650EUR. Personally, I couldn't find a competing product that actually takes the "abuse" of being used daily. These kinds of machines have a natural lifespan (haha) that is directly linked to the quality of its parts. After a year or two you *will* have to replace the belt, after two-three years you *will* have to replace the motor driver etc.

With cheaper builds, they go for cheaper parts especially in the frame (which will then succumb to squeaking), the spindle and bearings (whose quality define the stress on the motor and motor board), the motor (which can burn through) and the motor driver (when a capacitor or triac burns out, it's usually completely fried, and those parts are actually under very high stress every time you do a step).

If replacement parts aren't available because the machine was an import-relabelled chinese knockoff, you'll have sunk 800EUR completely instead of a adding a repair of 100-150EUR to a 2000EUR machine that is built to last in all other aspects.

Also, do not ever, *ever* forget to lube the belt properly. Being ignorant as I am, I went through a few silicone oils with the wrong viscosity, putting unneccesary, additional stress on the machine. This is the right one.

July 02 2016

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This is P2P
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June 30 2016

Project:uranium is amazing!
Combining URANIUM (the radioactive isotope) glass marbles with microcontrolled UV-leds a mysterious green glow is created.

There is a wooden version and 3D-printed enclosures available. You can also download the enclosure 3D-files and make your own version.
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June 27 2016

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June 16 2016

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Fick ja Glashaus.

June 15 2016

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Genious. - "Release The Measurements"
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June 13 2016


May 24 2016

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Nachtschreinern ist bestes Schreinern
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