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We are currently committed to fix everything that is broken with soup right now (a bit has been done already, an announcement is to come, but maybe you've noticed that there are less performance issues, search works again, twitter import is alive, facebook login is back etc) before we start upgrading the code base, so we will give it a shot and try to fix this issue too.

But please understand that the soup-to-soup RSS import actually isn't an official soup feature (it requires manual intervention in the database to allow a user to do it, because it is ... suspect) so we will not spend a disproportional amount of time on it, and it is not high priority. We may end up just deactivating all soup-to-soup imports. We're not shooting for it, but in case of complex bugs, we'd rather remove a feature unti it's fixed than have it mess up users streams. But we'll look at it asap, I promise.

I hope this answers your rant ;)

Please leave a link to a problem soup/import so we can have a look.

edit: and no, I did not know that this was an actual problem. It's a non-feature after all... there are only 9 soups that have the flag set that makes it possible.

edit2: btw, you can help a positive outcome by finding a way to reproduce the problem reliablly ;)
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